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Journey So Far

Our Co-Founder, Vivek Gadodia has been into Algorithmic Trading in India since 2008.  He trades a High Beta Rule Based system since December 2012. He is Co-Creator of Algo Convention (www.algoconvention.com) and Co-Founder at Dravyaniti Consulting (www.dravyaniti.com).  Vivek has tested over 100 systems across markets and asset classes.  In 2017, he led the design of a Market-Neutral Algorithm for one of the world's largest Crowd-sourced Hedge Funds, and the strategy stood 2nd out of 672 entries.  He has a degree in Commerce, MBA (Systems), Applied Finance (IIM-C) and is currently pursuing Chartered Market Technician (CMT)


Projects Done

We have developed systems for trend following, mean reversion, quant-based (pairs, long/short market neutral on equities, currencies, commodities covering markets like India, NYSE, Russia.  We have developed order routing and feed handlers for various exchanges, across platforms.  Technologies used are VBA Excel, Ninja Trader, Amibroker, Python, Java, Julia, .net, C++


Why Us?

Our team is comprised of people with different kinds of finance experience, but we all have this in common--a commitment to ethics and integrity. Pertaining to Algo Systems, you can "Ask Us Anything", and we will either have the answer or try to find the answer for you.

Our services

Back-testing of Trading Strategy


How has a strategy done in the past.  What has worked. What has not.  What is the right system that works for you.  We try to answer these questions.

Building an Order Router and Execution Algo


How to send orders automatically.  How to handle orders which are open i.e. do not execute.  How to minimise the slippage or impact cost, to improve the return of the system.  We can develop semi-automated and fully automated systems.



How can one improvise an existing system.  How to setup the right team of quants. What are the best sources of data.  How to handle regulatory issues.  You can reach out to us for this.

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We can help you in your trading or investing journey.  To get your free 15-minute consultation slot, start by clicking the "Get Started Today" button or call us. 

RBT Algo Systems LLP

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